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About Annie's Collision Center

Whether you're new to our company or a repeat customer, our story is worth sharing. Annie’s has been located in Ft. Myers since 1977.  The company was founded by Martin Snyder who named his business after his wife, Anne.  Originally, this very small company started out as a 1,500 sq ft used car lot named “Annie’s Autos”.  Car sales were Martin’s specialty and his customers agreed with his slogan “Be a smarty buy from Marty”.  

As time passed, customers kept returning to Annie's to purchase cars, but many would ask to have repair work done.  With the consistent increase in auto body repairs Martin's son, Greg Snyder, wanted to grow the company and decided to start focusing primarily on repairing vehicles instead of selling them.  In the early 80's Greg relocated the company about a mile south and opened up “Annie’s Auto Body.”

His new repair shop included a spray booth for painting and a frame machine for structural repairs.  With this new venture Greg started repairing vehicles for other dealers; including the local Nissan, Volvo, Honda and the European import dealer.  The need for auto body repairs was on the rise and Annie’s was in the middle of it.  Over the next several years the city of Fort Myers continued to grow and the auto dealers were moving further south off of US 41.  

In 1991 Greg decided to relocate and become the first body shop in the new growing market, he moved the company to a 10,000 sq ft facility in South Fort Myers.  The increase in size and proximity to the dealers paid off.  The business flourished and additional employees were needed to maintain the level of quality and customer service that was expected.  Greg brought in his wife, Debbie, to manage the front office and his son Sean to clean up the repaired cars.  Greg saw the potential in his son and wanted him to learn about the family business. Sean decided to take auto body classes to help understand the repair process. After completing his classes Sean worked in every department of the company, this allowed Sean to expand his industry knowledge and gain the trust of the employees.  In 1992 the new Lexus dealer opened and started using Annie’s for all their repair needs.  Sean took several trips to the Lexus collision repair school in New Jersey to become Lexus certified; this would insure that repairs completed were up to Lexus standards.

With the introduction of the internet, customers were able to research not only what to expect when having a vehicle repaired but where to go for these repairs. This new technology raised many new questions and Sean started putting his answers on paper.  The company’s current location was ideal but there was no room for future expansion.  Sean did some research and found a larger parcel of land nearby. 

After spending over a year gathering data from other repair centers across the state Sean was able to put his vision on paper.  Those ideas became rough sketches, which then turned into blueprints, and shortly thereafter construction began. This was an exciting time and the Snyder family visited the site daily to see Sean’s ideas come to life.  In the fall of 2001 Annie's Auto Body became Annie's Collision Center with the opening of a 24,000 sq ft facility.  The company’s founder Martin Snyder was able to see the new facility take shape but passed shortly after the opening in 2002.  

Sean needed to hire additional employees to keep up with the increase in business.  After the new staff was trained and the business was running smooth, Greg and Debbie stepped aside to let Sean manage the company.  In 2004-2005 the business experienced the largest growth to date.  Greg came back, part-time; to help with the shops production and Debbie continued to manage the accounting.  With record sales at the close of 2005 Annie’s Collision was on track to break that in 2006 when the local economy began to crash.    

The Snyder family fought hard over the next several years, despite a down economy the business was slowly moving forward.  With other local body shops in their market closing, Sean kept his staff’s morale positive and focused on the future.  The local economy began to stabilize late in 2010 and Sean started to look at new ways to improve the company. 

In 2011 Annie’s Collision partnered with Hertz Rental Car and was now able to offer customers discounted rental rates on-site.  The company continued to see steady growth, and in 2013 Sean felt it was the right time to expand.  In November of that year Sean launched their first concierge location.  Annie’s Collision Customer Service Center opened in Cape Coral, combined with Hertz Rental Car.  The company now offers estimates and rentals in a more “neighborhood” setting, away from the actual repair location.  Customers will be treated to exceptional service along with the same Annie’s quality of repair. Customers drop off at our satellite location then we transport the vehicle to our corporate headquarters, in Fort Myers, for the repairs. Once completed, the vehicle is quality inspected and shuttled back to the concierge location for delivery to the customer.  With such a positive response so far, Sean is currently doing the research for Annie’s next concierge location.  The future will always consist of change and, for three generations, the Snyder’s have made the most of it and will continue to do so for years to come.


Your Rights Under Florida State Law:

This is your vehicle and no insurance company or independent adjustment company can tell you where to have your car repaired! It's your decission, whether leased or owned, and should be repaired at a shop of your choice. Sometimes your insurance company will suggest a shop or list shops that they endorse. REMEMBER: This is only a suggestion and the ultimate choice is yours and only yours. This is your car, and you have to live with the repair and the repair shops quality. Pick a shop based on their warranty and customer service. Annie's Collision Center offers a Life Time Warranty and have been in business in South West Florida for 35 years. THE CHOICE IS YOURS!!

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